Flying the Flag for Whalley – Tour of Britain 2015

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Tour of Britain 2015

Whalley & District Lions Club have made a huge impact on the local community in the last few months after reforming this year as a new ‘Chartered Lions Club’, (gaining over 20 members very early on). There is so much activity around Whalley and all of the local groups have come together to spear head involvement in The recent Tour of Britain Event which travelled through Whalley twice on 7th September.

The Whalley in Bloom group have supplied cycle wheels with planters to grace the streets of Whalley. This was a huge effort after spending most of the year working towards being in the finals of the National Judging for the village. Whalley Chamber of Trade purchased the flags and Neil Martin, Vice Chair, designed the especially prominent ‘Whalley Flag’ to be displayed on Shops around the place. The Whalley & Disctrict Lions assisted by putting the flags up around the area, this was after four months solid of the weekly village clear up they undertook to enter Best Kept Village.

On the day the Lions were out in force with 20 volunteers working closely with the Council to support the local community. In the morning Lions were serving Teas and Coffee at Whalley Village Hall and some were on the streets safeguarding the public. The Lions gave out flags and blowers to St. Leonards School in the morning at Billington Brass Band Club and to Whalley School in the afternoon outside Barclays Bank. The children were in delightful form and the weather blessed Whalley and the Ribble Valley whilst the 120 strong team of cyclists sped through the countryside. The parade began with 36 police outriders and tour cars which created much excitement.

The day was a huge success and the feedback and thanks gained for Whalley Lions (who were supported on the day by Bolton Lions), was tremendous. Gillian Darbyshire the President said ‘we were all so delighted to be involved in the event and safeguard our community and make the event fun and safe for the local schools and community’.

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15 second video of Tour of Britain through Whalley 07.09.15

Tour of Britain through Whalley this afternoon (part 1) 07.09.15

Tour of Britain through Whalley this afternoon (part 2) 07.09.15