0 Posted by - December 30, 2015 - Flood News, Floods

Nigel Evans MP is holding a special surgery at the Whalley Village Hall tomorrow from 11 am until as long as it takes…. He will be there with borough councillors and a county councillor… Anyone affected by the floods from any part of the Ribble valley constituency will be seen and he will do his best to help immediately with any problems… God bless all those who have helped out and gone more than the extra mile during this awful period…. It has brought out the very best ( mainly, with notable exceptions ) in people of all ages from the lads in Watford on their way to Scotland who pulled over from the m6 to help a family clear their damaged goods onto the street on the day after Boxing Day to the amazing Lions, Blackburn Muslim volunteers including Al- Imdaad, to Ribble Valley Council staff from their Chief Executive Marshal Scott and his amazing team to the bin men and skip operators to the ordinary folk offering help to strangers being there to Aldi offering goods and Sainsbury’s turning up with parcels, to local business people suffering themselves giving tea, coffee and sandwiches, to the emergency services, army and RAF, to students on holiday cleaning blocked drains and manning the one way traffic system, to those making sandwiches at the emergency centre to those testing donated electrical items to those donating food and other items – it has been truly amazing to witness… We are so blessed to have so much love and care surround us that it is quite moving… Tears of despair have been replaced with tears of emotion. So let’s get on with the job till it’s finished and please support the local businesses and anyone who wishes to donate any money to support those who were not able to insure against floods or have insane excesses on their insurance please give pledges to Nigel and he will pass them on to the local authority to administer….if you are able do… Your last act of random kindness of 2015 or your first of 2016- it will all help people in distress and you can make a difference.